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San Antionio De Padua Ex-Monastery

Located in Izamal, this ex-monastery was built over a great pyramid of the XVI century; in this space two eras of the Mexican history are mixed: the pre-Hispanic and the colony. Its atrium is the second biggest one of the world, after the atrium of the Saint Peter in The Vatican, making it a mandatory visit on Yucatan peninsula for Pope John Paul II in 1993. Inside it, some murals of the XVI and an altar dedicated to the Izamal Virgin are worth to see.

The atrium can receive 2,000 people on set up for a banquet and 8,000 without tables; the use of pyrotechnics is allowed, making it lovely and magnificent scenery for social events. The ex-monastery is the home for Franciscan monks, who administrates the place and receive voluntary economical support for the monastery’s maintenance.

This venue has a buttress on the back for private events for 5,000 people in cocktail set up or 2,000 in banquet set up. It is a great option for social events, only an hour and 15 minutes away from Merida.


Animaya Zoo

The Animaya Zoo was built to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexico´s independency; it opened its gates on April 30th, 2010.

A different panorama is founded in this place, there you can watch the Centenario Park from behind; the Animaya were meant to give a safari experience, as the biggest animals recreate spaces let them feel like in their natural ambiance, divided in three meadows: the American, euro-Asian and African. All of this under the concept of an old abandoned Mayan city, inhabited by animals.

A great Mayan stela will welcome you, as the representative Zoo icon. A great option for social events. Only 25 away from Merida’s Downtown, able to receive 5,000 people.


Municipal Palace

Located in front of the main plaza, were built during Don Santiago Aguirre’s government. This building is the house of the state executive, a building with traditional architecture is the guardian of the paintings and murals of the Yucatan painter Fernando Castro Pacheco.

With art-deco architecture and Moorish details, it has a balcony where you can appreciate the Main Plaza and it is ideal to celebrate dinners, since it can receive 100 people on banquet set up.


Autonomous University Of Yucatan Mail Yard

The antique colonial building, there Autonomous University of Yucatan has its main headquarters and in 2017 celebrated the 306th anniversary of its inauguration as the San Pedro del la Real College, San Francisco Javier Pontifical University.

This Cultural Center has a gallery, video room, lobby, library, theatre, music and dance rooms, the Main Library and the University Council.

On the first floor, in renewed facilities, the Manuel Cepeda Peraza auditorium is found, stage for cultural and scientific shows.

On the second floor, the new Dr. Eduardo Urzaiz Rodriguez meeting room is located, hosting conferences and work meetings.

The facilities for the Radio and Television Department of the Extension Sub-direction are on the third floor


Paseo de Montejo Top

Paseo de Montejo, the most important avenue of Merida. This avenue is named after Francisco de Montejo; conquer of Yucatan and founder of the city. It is extended from the Santa Ana neighborhood, in the Downtown, to the beginning of the highway to Puerto Progreso. In this avenue several public and private institutions are located, and it is part of the mail touristic corridor. It has a total extension of 5,483 meters, making it the longest street of the city.

The top of this avenue has a special area for banquets for 250 people and it is known as “El Remate”, which becomes a walkway with a lovely view full of threes.


Santa Isabel Hermitage

The San Sebastian Neighborhood is one of the oldest, more traditional places of Merida, and the Santa Isabel Hermitage has always been in its center, physically and socially. The Santa Isabel Hermitage, named after St. John Baptist’s mother, has not a documented foundation date. This beautiful building has a special atmosphere, surrounded by lovely and spacious botanic garden with Yucatan flora.

With capacity for 150 people in banquet set up, this great meeting point is complemented by the Santa Isabel Hermitage Park, with its traditional chapel, amazing gardens and a kiosk.


La Mejorada Park

La Mejorana Park is located inside Merida’s Downtown, in front of the Franciscan ex-convent also named “La Mejorana”, is now the headquarters of the Autonomous University of Yucatan Department of Architecture.

This lovely park has a great esplanade surrounded by green areas with high threes, ideal for events for 150 people in banquet set up.


Olimpo Cultural Centre

This magnificent building and its contemporary architecture was opened with the name “Merida Olimpo Cultural Centre”, in January 6, 1999 to celebrate the 457 anniversary of Merida’s foundation. With the building of this center the visual charm of the main square of Merida were recovered, and it gave the locals and visitants the possibility to enjoy marvelous artistic manifestations.

The Olimpo Cultural Center is located aside of the Municipal Palace, an important propriety with contemporary architecture and a spacious and nice central courtyard to carry out banquets for 400 people. It also has the Dr. Silvio Zavala Vallado Auditorium with 285 seats and a video room with 85 seats. Such a beautiful building must have a lovely balcony which can receive banquets for 150 people.