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Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

This museum is a celebration and encounter with the strongest root of the Yucatan culture, but also is a view of changes and transformations, migration and mobility, the arrival of new groups that mixed and adapted with Mayan culture. The architecture reminds the sacred tree of this land, the Ceiba.

Located in the north of Merida, it is open Wednesday to Monday 9:00 to 17:00 hours.


Jose Peon Contreras Theatre

The “Jose Peon Contreras” theatre rises majestically in the heart of Merida’s downtown, in front of the Autonomous University of Yucatan main building, aside of the mother’s park and the Third Order church.

In 1899, the “Teatral de Merida” enterprise acquires the land where this theatre is located, to build it between 1900 and 1908 in order to spread Yucatan art and culture. The construction started under the direction of Italian architects. It opened its doors in 1908.

In the front door a spacious lobby with a monumental marble staircase conducting to the show room. This show room is furnished with a magnificent spider lamp with cut crystal arms.


Armando Manzanero Theatre (Merida Theatre Before)

Originally built to become a movie theatre, the Armando Manzanero Theatre was known as Merida Cinema.

Designed by the architect Gaetano Maglione, opened in 1949, played the best movies before 1992 when it closed its doors. In 1997 the Yucatan government bought the building, remodeled it and in 2000 reopened, with the name “Merida Theatre”.

The theatre has a main show room to 1,200 people, the Manuel Barbachano Ponce cinematic for 227 people, and the Manuel Cirero art room for 100 people. Both of them can receive simultaneous functions thanks to its high quality acoustic recovered walls.

The Merida Theatre changed its name to Armando Manzanero Theatre in honor to the talented songwriter and singer who take Mexican and Yucatan music all around the world.


Olimpo Cultural Centre

This magnificent building and its contemporary architecture was opened with the name “Merida Olimpo Cultural Centre”, in January 6, 1999 to celebrate the 457 anniversary of Merida’s foundation. With the building of this center the visual charm of the main square of Merida were recovered, and it gave the locals and visitants the possibility to enjoy marvelous artistic manifestations.

The Olimpo Cultural Center is located aside of the Municipal Palace, an important propriety with contemporary architecture and a spacious and nice central courtyard to carry out banquets for 400 people. It also has the Dr. Silvio Zavala Vallado Auditorium with 285 seats and a video room with 85 seats. Such a beautiful building must have a lovely balcony which can receive banquets for 150 people.


Daniel Ayala Perez Theatre

Located aside the Government Palace, Daniel Ayala Perez Theatre keeps great stories, important figures and hundreds of memories inside its walls.

It was not the same as it is nowadays, in h beginning it worked as a cinema, after that it was used same as cinema and theatre, under the name of “Teatro Cine Principal”, by late 70’s. The state government decided to give it its actual name, in honor to the Yucatan musician; in 2007 it was remodeled.

On the beginning it was equipped only with a lobby, a lunary with seats and a gallery made with wood; after some years and under the government of different people, it became what it is today. It has the best theatrical machinery, a coffee shop and a great illumination system; it offers to the public different exhibitions, plays, musicals, conferences, private events and even governor speeches.


Palacio Canton Museum (Antropology and History Regional Museum)

Built during the Porfirio Diaz government, the Palacio Canton Museum is located over the famous Paseo Montejo. This small palace is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, made by the General Francisco Canton Rosado, who lived in it until his death. The magnificent ornamentation of the propriety makes the floors, walls and marble stairs look as glorious as a royal castle.

The Museum is dedicated specifically to Mayan archeology and it brings an exhibition of representative pieces of pre-Hispanic history and Middle America civilization.

The temporary exhibits room is saved for contemporary art samples and photography.

This museum welcomes visitants Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00 to 20:00 hrs. Sunday 9:00 to 14:00 hrs.


Yucatan Ateneo “El Macay”, Contemporary Art Museum

Located aside of Merida’s Cathedral, the MACAY has several temporary exposition rooms to exhibit the work of national and international artists. It also has permanent expositions of the Yucatan painter Gabriel Ramirez, Fernando Castro Pacheco and Fernando Garcia Ponce.

This museum opens its doors Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00 hours.


Casa Montejo Museum

The Casa Montejo Museum has four permanent rooms: the library, the living-room, the bedroom and the dinning-room, all set in the last XIX century Mexican style. Beautiful gardens enclose a mansion of the XX century that offers a unique atmosphere for social and business meetings. It also has tree temporary exhibitions rooms; it allows you to appreciate artistic works, conferences, concerts and plays from artists of the popular art.

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 19:00 hrs. and Sunday, 10:00 to 14:00 hrs.


Felipe Carrillo Puerto Theatre

The Felipe Carrillo Puerto Theatre is part of the Autonomous University of Yucatan Cultural Centre.

Located aside the University main office building, this theatre’s stage allows students and people get close to arts and show their talents. It has its own theatre group, which represents different plays all along the year, as well as concerts, university events, and some others; it is important to say it is not exclusive for university.

This place has its name in honor to the University’s founder, the ex-governor of Yucatan, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, that is the reason every year the anniversary of the foundation is celebrated there, and it is the scenery for the anniversary of Mr. Carrillo Puerto’s birthday.