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In the times of the “green gold” (late 1800), haciendas were born and they lived the great era of henequen. On mid-1940, when synthetic materials were created, the henequen industry and the greatness of the haciendas suddenly fell.

On the last decade of the XX century the haciendas took their harmony back in order to provide rest, reflection time and meditation spaces; but above all of this, to offer unique experiences to every visitant. The old machinery is now part of a luxury restaurant of contemporary Yucatan food; the stables and corrals are now spas and pools; and the old main country estates are nowadays charming proprieties from Yucatan to the world.



1. Quinta Montes Molina
2. Hacienda Chihi Suarez
3. Hacienda San Diego Cutz
4. Hacienda Hunxectaman
5. Hacienda Misne
6. Hacienda Temozon
7. Hacienda Teya
8. Hacienda Xcanatun
9. Hacienda Tekik de Regil
10. Hacienda San Antonio Millet
11. Hacienda Ochil

12. Hacienda Baspul
13. Hacienda Sotuta de Peon
14. Hacienda Dzoyaxche
15. Hacienda Anicabil
16. Hacienda San Jose Cholul
17. Hacienda Sacnite
18. Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
19. Hacienda San Jose Chakán
20. Hacienda Petac


Lovely yards surround a great mansion from the XX century that offers a unique atmosphere for social and business events. Located on the Paseo de Montejo avenue, No. 469, in the city of Merida; just a few steps away from the main chain hotels, financial services and malls. Today, the mansion and its furniture are on optimal conditions as the dependents of Don Avelino Montes Linaje have done their best to keep them in its original state. On February 2003 his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren decided to share this valuable legacy with the people from Merida and its visitants, opening their gates and gardens to celebrate social and cultural meetings.


The founding of this beautiful propriety on the XVI century by Don Alfonso de Rosado gave the state of Yucatan one of the most antique henequen haciendas. This place has plenty of details, from the small chapel to the neoclassical inspired front walls, reminding its interesting past.


Let your imagination take you to the old Mayan magic of this hacienda, located on Conkal, where you can live the wedding you have been dreaming of. A unique and exquisite space where every guest can enjoy warmth and authenticity in a place that seems to be out of this world. Beautiful, elegant and modern facilities will make San Diego Cutz the perfect option for social events.


Santo Domingo Hunxectaman Hacienda is located on the kilometer 5 of the Uman highway, next to Hunxectaman town. This propriety has architectonical characteristics from the XVIII century. Its old machinery for henequen and cotton is now restored to bring the place to its antique glory, making the space an authentic vision from the past.


Misne Hacienda was a corn and livestock hacienda were the western economic leader, even bigger than most of the Yucatan henequen haciendas. 25 years ago, this propriety was bought by its actual owner, becoming a luxury hotel with 45 suites since 2007. An excellent option for visitors who enjoy the comfort and exclusivity on a short distance from Merida’s downtown.


Lovely Hacienda 45 minutes away from the city of Merida. Bedrooms and suites inside the original building, completely restored and parted to a luxury hotel needs. Every bedroom has the original name like “La Farmacia”, “La Cocina” or “La Escuela”.  Its ample suites and bedrooms have conditioned air, spacious bathrooms and modern amenities.



A cultural exquisite experience, Hacienda Teya from the XVII century, was one of the most important henequen producers. Nowadays and after a hard reconstructive process it is ready to receive 2,000 people. Surrounded by nature, this beautiful propriety is world famous thanks to its delicious Yucatan food, made by Mayan people. Close to it the San Ildefonso Chapel is found, it also has Spanish colonial architecture.


Henequen Hacienda from the XVIII century, transformed in a luxury hotel with 18 suites, located 15 minutes away from Merida’s downtown. Its luxurious suites and the impressive bath place, aside its beautiful terraces with incredible gardens will allow you some relaxing time away from the busy world; a well-deserved resting space. The Hacienda has pool, spa, horse rising services and golf field.


The word Tekik comes from the Mayan “kik” (“the place where the blood is”). Tekik de Regil, an ancient henequen Hacienda, is located few kilometers away from Merida by the Uxmal and Uman highway. One of the few buildings that can still take visitants to the colonial era that Yucatan had, thanks to its owners, Don Enrique Camara Peon and Don Enrique Camara Lara, his son; both of them Yucatan culture enthusiasts. The exact date of its foundation is unknown, but Tekik de Regil is considered one of the most ancient proprieties around Merida.


Located over the Merida – Tixkokob highway. Mayas called this place “Mul Chac”, the Red Hill. Livestock place since 1667 and henequen propriety after that, as every surrounding lands. By the late XIX century, this Hacienda was owned by the Miraflores Countess, who gave it the name of San Antonio Peon. Nowadays, a hard remodeling process gave back the main building and the beautiful chapel; with French, medieval and renaissance architecture, this hacienda got its own particular and unique style.


As many henequen Haciendas of Yucatan, San Pedro Ochil were constructed on the XVII century. It began being a livestock and corn place before becoming a henequen producer. San Pedro Ochil is one of the seven ex-Haciendas located on the Abala (“plum place”) municipality, a region of the state that chronology comes since the prehispanic times, so it holds several archaeological sites. The architecture of San Pedro Ochil is similar to the other ancient proprieties of the region that are still surviving, particularly the one of Yaxcopoil, on its access arch shaped and the main house, with a rectangular shape.


After a delicate and meticulous restoring process, Hacienda Baspul has recovered its old shine to become a private propriety that receives groups of people looking for the real Yucatan magic by their own rhythm and with high standards of services and attention to the details than can only be found on luxury hotels.


The ride on a truck, mule carts with metallic wheels over Cauville rails. A wide agave plantation gives the most amazing welcoming views to the Sotuta de Peon, Live Hacienda. With 30 bedrooms cabin styled, divided on Deluxe, Superior First Floor and Superior Second Floor. Every space combines the rustic style with modern services on a warmth and creative way.

This Hacienda is a great option for groups, as they can share a guided tour so the visitants can live the full experience of the henequen production process.



The Dzoyaxche Hacienda, part of the Cuxtal ecological reserve, has several attractive, like the “truck” ride, cenote swimming, rustic play area, camping areas and parts of the old henequen processing machinery. Dzoyanche is the last of the seven Haciendas located inside the 11 hectares of the reserve.


The Anicabil Hacienda is founded inside the residential area named Ciudad Carrousel, to the west of Merida, and it was restored on 2009. Built on the XVIII century, is one of the most antique haciendas of Merida and one of the few vestiges of the colonial architecture. The infrastructure of the building let us know farming, corn and livestock were the main economic activity. Today, it is a big house over an embankment and aside a corridor made of wood, stone and roof tiles. It also has a water tank, water wheel, auditorium, play area, an arch and a front door.


Located on the municipality of Tixcocob, 33 kilometers away from Merida. This Hacienda became a lovely and luxurious hotel, ranked by the Nast Count Magazine as one of the best hotels in the world; as the fact of staying a night there is, literally, to sleep in an historical site. Bedrooms and suites of the hacienda respect the disposition and style marked by its time back in the Colonies.

The old garage, the machinery room, the main house and the administrator’s house are now warm bedrooms with high roofs, wide walls and big windows. The terrace, a primary space to breathe fresh air on the afternoon and relax a few minutes. The Hacienda has 15 bedrooms, two superior rooms, eight junior garden rooms, four Mayan villages and a garden suite.


Magical place with romantic and luxurious atmosphere, the Hacienda Sacnicte (“white flower”) on Izamal, is the ideal place that combines the style of a typical XVII century hacienda with modern decoration, giving it an exceptional touch. Offers beautiful contemporary facilities to celebrate any kind of event.


Santa Rosa thrived with henequen industry and even there are suppositions about the purpose of its construction without the certain information, but it never came thru a livestock period; the oldest data comes from XX century. Nowadays it offers luxury hosting and food services, its administration belongs to Starwood Hotels & Resorts Company, in their Luxury Collection segment, with Temozon Sur, San Jose Cholul and some other proprieties.


Magical roads with arches of flowers that welcome you to the Hacienda San Jose. Exquisite colors makes every corner of this Hacienda, turns it into shiny by the day and mysterious romantic nights. Located on the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, this historical propriety used to be a rich henequen plantation offers a real Mayan atmosphere, as it is close to Chichen Itza. To stay in Hacienda San Jose will give you a fresh taste of Yucatan culture combined with luxurious comfort.


From the XVII century, builder above the remains of a Mayan site and located inside the Cuxtal ecological reserve, this luxurious propriety brings its visitants a relaxed atmosphere and the services required to welcome 10 people.


Hidden inside an exotic garden, full of orange trees, palm trees and some other tropical trees, this Hacienda mixes the harmonic elegance of colonial architecture and the comfort of the XXI century. The meeting of the Mexican and Yucatan culture makes it a dream location. Ideally located, only 10 minutes away from Merida’s International Airport, 20 minutes away from Merida’s downtown and close to the Mayan sites (Uxmal, Mayapan and Chichen Itza).


Located inside the Yucatan jungle, this ancient henequen Hacienda has been restored with a perfect mixture of its colonial architecture and the wellbeing and luxury of the modern world. Surrounded by a beautiful nature landscape, makes you want to enjoy relax and calm atmosphere. Inside its locations a mail house, a kitchen and a dining room are founded, also, three bedrooms in the garden area, ideal for resting and reading. Magnificent terraces make the view of a magical sundown and a deep night sky full of stars on the same night possible. Its lovely pool will provide a fresh swim space and the view of the original old hacienda’s chimney.