In the heart of the Mayan culture is Merida, a city that combines the new and the ancient, the modern with the ancestral, that is why it is considered an ideal destination to do quality unique events, involving que history, culture and nature that only Merida can offer.

The state of Yucatan is located on the southeast of the Mexican Republic, in the central part of Yucatan peninsula, has border with the Mexican Gulf in the north, with Quintana Roo in the east and southeast, and with Campeche in the west and southwest. Its territorial extension is 43,379 square kilometers and it is integrated by 106 municipalities. Merida city is its capital.


Yucatan has two types of climate, tropical-dry on the coast and humid subtropical on the rest of the state. Its average temperature during the year is between 25 and 35° C. It is usually cooler during the winter.




It is recommended to wear fresh and light colored clothes, comfortable closed shoes on the archaeological sites, flip flops on the beach and cenotes. Solar blocker biodegradable, caps and hats, and water bottles are also recommended.


For events, it is recommended the use of light colored suits, or “guayaberas” for men and light blouses for women. For the activities after the event, it is suggested to travel around natural areas, haciendas or archaeological sites; on these areas, light clothes are recommended.