Thanks to its geographical position, Yucatan is a destination open to the world, allowing a safe and fast connectivity, by air, sea or earth.

OCC Yucatan Air Conectivity

OCC Yucatan Land Conectivity

OCC Yucatan Sea connectivity

Merida city has an international airport with more than 15,000 seats by week from and to the next cities:

The main airlines that operate on Merida’s International Airport are:

Merida’s International Airport is located on Merida o Uman highway Km 14.5, Merida, Yucatan.

Phone: +52 (01 999) 940 6090
Web Site:

The state of Yucatan has several highways, two federal highways and a freeway.


For ground transportation, the City of Merida has 5 bus terminals:

Bus Central of Merida (CAME in Spanish).
“Union” Bus Terminal.
Union Bus Terminal and Western Terminal No. 50.
Bus Terminal of the Center of Yucatan State
Merida – Progreso Bus Terminal and Center Buses.

The main ground routes from City of Merida are:

Merida – Dzibilchaltun: 23 Km.
Merida – Puerto Progreso: 36 Km.
Merida – Izamal: 72 Km.
Merida – Uxmal: 80 Km.
Merida – Celestun: 86 Km.
Merida – Chichen Itza: 120 Km.
Merida – Valladolid: 160 Km.
Merida – Cancun: 320 Km.
Merida – Playa del Carmen: 386 Km.

The Puerto Progreso bay is a place of touristic connections and an open frontier to the commercial interchange with the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Its facilities have the capacity to receive neither a million of passengers without any saturation risks nor the need of minor boats to transport passengers from the cruises to the pier.

The passenger’s terminal has migration offices, handcraft stores, bars, rest areas, duty-free, public phones, car rental, and free transportation from Puerto Progreso for visitants and for ship crew.

More info on the web site: